once upon a time, there was a granny, her name is ben

In the Kingdom of Colors, filled with beautiful fabrics and colourful threads, there lived a kind grandmother named Granny Ben. She was known for her love of mixing new colors. Her cat is called Tam, and he loves to eat!

This is Granny Ben’s newborn granddaughter. What’s happening?
She wouldn’t stop crying! Even though she was adorable, she had been having nightmares. Granny Ben tried feeding her, singing her to sleep, but nothing worked.

Granny Ben tried taking the diaper off, then the little one was suddenly in a better mood! Does this mean it was her diaper that caused discomforts?

Granny Ben decided to embark on a journey to find the best materials to create new diapers with! “Tam, please help take care of my granddaughter!”

Her first stop was the
“Empire of Harmony.”

chapter 1

Empire of Harmony

This kingdom was full of strange-looking trees and beautiful music.
“Hello! Is there anyone around?” she asked, then followed the sound of sweet harmonies.

She stumbled upon something which caused the music to stop, waking up a small, fluffy creature. “Yaaaaaawn”

“Hello, I am Lucas the Koala,” the creature spoke sleepily.
“Thanks for waking me up or else I would never get any work done today. I am the caretaker of this kingdom’s magical tree!”

“This tree has a smooth, silky bark and aromatic leaves. Humans call it the Eucalyptus tree! Did you know that its barks and fibers hold our kingdom’s secrets? These barks can be used to create fabric so light, durable, and super absorbent!”

Lucas the Koala thanked Granny Ben for waking him up in time to work. As a token of gratitude, he offered her a music box and some parts of the magical tree. “I’m going to work now, goodbye and good luck!”
said Lucas.

Granny Ben packed her gifts into her bags, then continued her journey towards the next destination called
“Field of Sky”

chapter 2

Field of Sky

The Field of Sky was a place filled with the fluffiest clouds and a bright moon surrounded with shimmering stars.
Everything looked so soft and nice!

While admiring the clouds, Granny Ben heard a voice
“Run! Haha, I am faster! Catch me if you can!”
It was a cute little sheep tirelessly chasing after clouds.

“Hello, my name is Ella the cheerful sheep. I am also the most hard working cloud researcher!”

Ella had been having trouble sleeping. Even though she was tired from work. She couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

Hmmmm, how should we help Ella? What if we try playing her Lucas’ lullaby? After hearing the beautiful melodies, she surprisingly fell asleep. “Zzzzzz… zzzzzzz”

Suddenly, Granny Ben was transported into Ella’s dream! In this dream, Ella seemed so much more refreshed. “Thank you so much for helping me get some rest, please accept this fluffy cloud and magical star!”

With the two extra items packed,
Granny Ben continued her journey to the
“Land of Light”

chapter 3

Land of Light

When Granny Ben arrived at the Land of Light, she instead found herself in complete darkness. “Yoohoooo, is anybody there”, shouted Granny, “How can a place called Land of Light be so dark!?” Then there was a gentle nudge on her shoulder.

Granny turned around and saw a Shiba Inu with a lantern in his paws. The dog introduced himself as Hoshi. Granny Ben proceeded to ask about what happened to this Land of Light.

“Well, it’s kind of a scary story,” said Hoshi. “Our kingdom used to be so bright and warm, but one day, the sun thief came and took all of our lights. That’s why it is so cold and dark!”

“Honestly, the cold wasn’t that bad compared to the dark.
I just wish we can see things clearly like before. It’s so hard to write when we can’t see”

Finally, Granny Ben came up with a solution. She opened her bag and the magical star floated up. “Whoa!,”

Granny Ben decided to give Hoshi the star she received from Ella, so that Hoshi can have a brighter light to write with.

“Yay! Thank you so much Granny Ben. As a trade,
I will give you this book of knowledge!”

Granny Ben then travelled back to her hometown,
“Kingdom of Color.”

chapter 4

Kingdom of Color

Returning to the Kingdom of Color,
she greeted her beloved grandchild and cat.

Granny Ben poured her heart and soul into crafting the softest diaper ever made. Using the finest materials and expert techniques from Japanese textbooks, she produced her first piece of
Granny Ben diapers.

Her newborn granddaughter wore it with comfort and slept soundly through the night, free from discomfort and irritation. Granny Ben beamed with pride, knowing that her efforts had paid off and her granddaughter was now resting comfortably in the softest diaper imaginable!