Q: What is Granny Ben’s fabric made of?

Granny Ben’s fabric is crafted from Tencel fibers, which are made from eucalyptus trees grown in a closed forest. These fibers are known for being extra soft and strong, and they absorb water well and dry quickly. The fabric also supports the body’s thermoregulatory mechanisms, providing a cool feeling in hot weather and warmth in colder conditions.

Q: Is Granny Ben’s fabric muslin or salou?

Granny Ben’s diapers are made from Tencel muslin, a natural fiber from eucalyptus trees that has excellent absorption properties and is more durable to use. While the characteristics of salou fabric are loosely woven and lightweight, Granny Ben’s fabric has a tighter weave, making it well-ventilated and machine washable on a gentle cycle.

Q: Why is there a price difference between regular and special collection? Is the fabric the same?

The price difference is due to the special collection being produced only for a particular season as a limited edition pattern. If it sells out, the shop will not produce more. The fabric used in both regular and special collections is the same.

Q: Will the colors fade when washed together?

Granny Ben’s fabrics are soft tones, and the color will fade naturally. The color does not fade until the water changes its color, and it falls very little – the same standard as clothes. The high-quality color is recommended to be washed separately from white clothes.

Q: Will the clothes shrink after washing?

The fabric may shrink a bit after washing, but it will shrink very little or hardly at all due to controlling the size change property after washing, passing the standard international testing that controls brand standards used around the world.

Q: Can Granny Ben’s fabric be put in the dryer?

Granny Ben’s fabric can be dried in a dryer, but it is recommended to avoid using high heat or drying until the cloth is completely dry. Instead, it should be dried until slightly damp and then allowed to dry naturally to preserve the fabric’s softness and shape.

Q: Can Granny Ben’s fabric be ironed?

Yes, Granny Ben’s fabric can be ironed on low heat, and a steam iron or foggy injection should be used to add moisture back to the fabric fibers. It is important not to let the fabric dry out from the heat.

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