gentle touch

of love

gentle touch

of love

lifetime journey for your baby

Experience the gentle touch of a cloud with every interaction for your little one. At this precious stage of life, it’s essential to ensure that your baby feels as nurtured as they would in a mother’s embrace. That’s why we offer premium quality products made from Tencel fiber to cater to the needs of both mother and child, throughout their journey together.

in tender care

For over three decades, Granny Ben has been committed to delivering top-notch products for mothers and babies. Our expertise in the textile industry, coupled with the use of premium materials and great craftsmanship, has enabled us to create our signature “soft as a cloud” products.

meeting international
standards for safety

Rest assured that at Granny Ben, we prioritize your children’s safety by providing only the best and safest products. From eco-friendly fiber selection to choosing ingredients that meet international standards, every fabric we offer is perfectly suited for babies and their delicate skin.

our stories

It all began with a grandmother who infused their love into every stitch, creating fabric patterns that inspire imagination, leading to the wholesome stories of Granny Ben and her friends, weaving tales of adventure into our cute fabric patterns that are sure to spark the imaginations of children.

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Crafted from eucalyptus trees, Tencel fibers offer excellent water absorption and ventilation properties that reduce the likelihood of bacterial growth. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they’re also gentle on children’s skin, providing a cool towel in hot weather and warmth in colder conditions.