about granny ben

For over 30 years, we have been dedicated industry experts in textiles.

“Granny Ben”

Granny Ben is the inspiration behind the mother and baby brand that bears her name. As a true expert in the textile industry for over 30 years, Granny Ben has honed her skills in every aspect of fabric production. She closely oversees the production of every lot to ensure that every piece of Granny Ben’s cloth is woven with love and meticulousness, just like the soft and gentle diapers that she crafted for her beloved granddaughter. With Granny Ben’s experience and dedication, you can trust that every product from the Granny Ben brand is made with the highest standards of quality and care.

We take a responsible approach to sourcing materials. We carefully select eco-friendly fibers that are safe with babies, and use ingredients that have been certified to meet international safety standards.

Granny Ben is committed to using innovative and unique weaving methods to create high-quality textiles.

Granny Ben’s innovation and unique weaving method results in fabric that is flawlessly smooth and uninterrupted throughout the piece. This special technique is a closely guarded secret and sets Granny Ben’s fabrics apart from the rest, captivating the hearts of mothers everywhere with its cloud-like softness. The fabric is further enhanced by fine stitching, with neat edges that are standardized by an experienced team and cutting-edge machinery.

Granny Ben began with a diaper made with love, but has since expanded to include a range of fabric products, such as swaddling cloths, baby clothes, and bedding sets. Using the soft and sustainable Tencel fiber, each product is not only of high quality, but also features cute characters and designs that tell a story. Granny Ben continues to provide a great experience for mothers and babies alike.

what we value





soft smooth & safe
for your baby

“Tencel fiber” derived from eucalyptus trees, creates fabric that feels cool, dries quickly, and offers effective temperature control. Its excellent moisture absorption and rapid dispersion properties make Tencel fabric quick-drying, odor-reducing, and bacteria-inhibiting. These skin-friendly qualities make Tencel a preferred choice in fabric weaving, particularly for baby garments, and Granny Ben confidently selects Tencel as a primary component in fabric production.

Every soft fabric from Granny Ben is ‘safe for use in infants,’ tested to meet the global standard OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Class 1. This certification ensures the safety of our products for delicate infants. 


Granny Ben undergoes quality testing by the Thailand Textile Institute: 4-5 resulting in Excellent.


  • Color Fastness to Washing (4-5)
  • Pilling Resistance(4)
  • Formaldehyde-free (N/D, Non-Detectable)

These results guarantee that our products are safe and durable, providing parents with confidence in the well-being of their little ones